My Story

 Thanks for stopping by my Etsy shop UniquelyMore! My name is Melissa and I have a passion for creating crochet items for the outdoor and farm lifestyle. You'll find specialty farm items like crochet egg collecting aprons, goat ear warmers and chicken sweaters in my shop, in addition to more traditional types of crochet crafts like baby blankets and boot cuffs. I also write my own crochet patterns.

I started crocheting when I was 7; my mom handed me a crochet hook and yarn with instructions to "learn"! She wasn't able to teach me her own methods because she was left handed and I'm right handed, but I worked it out and I have been crocheting ever since! I love making crochet items for people! There really is no better feeling than making something by hand for someone who really appreciates and loves that item!

I'm a wife and home school mom to three wonderful kids (two girls and a boy). We live on a farm in Nebraska with our chickens, Boer goats, Nubian goats, Alpacas, llamas and rabbits. God has truly blessed us!!

I started my Etsy store in 2006 after we found out our middle daughter had a very rare cranial condition. I couldn't work outside of the home due to her surgeries and regular doctor visits. Our brave little girl is one of only nine people in the US with this type of issue and she is the only one with her specific condition. She has had four surgeries in six years and suffers from migraine headaches every day! Having my Etsy shop allows me to make a little extra income for our family while still being able to take care of her special medical needs, so it has been a real blessing for us!

Things were going well with my Etsy shop, but then in February 2010 I had a stroke at the age of 29 and I had to take a break from making and selling on Etsy in order to recover. I had to relearn to do pretty much everything in my daily life and that included relearning how to crochet, but I persevered and eventually got back on track! I reopened my store in April 2016 and I'm excited about getting it up and running again! My shop is growing over time with new items being added.

I like the creativity of working on crochet projects; there are so many things you can make with yarn and so many beautiful colors to choose from! I love watching as something comes to life in my hands! I find inspiration for my projects in many places including my family, our goats, pets, nature and everyday life.

If you have a question about anything you see in my shop, I'd love to hear from you! I enjoy working on new projects and making custom items to change things up a little. Just send me a message to get started! Please bear in mind that I run a farm and have a child with medical needs, so I may not reply right away, but I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better! Have a blessed day! 

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